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Tag "Rohan Builders"

Rohan Ishan

Rohan Ishan 0 Updated

🕔13:26, 30.Jan 2015

Rohan Ishan by Rohan Builders Pull your drapes aside, and throw the windows open. Sunlight will pour in right from the large windows in all the rooms. The way we’ ve planned your home, absolutely nothing can stop the passage

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Rohan Mithila

Rohan Mithila 0

🕔16:55, 29.Jan 2015

Rohan Mithila by Rohan Builders  Rohan Mithila customizes living solutions for the luxurious and pampered few of you who know how to love yourselves.Keeping you and your uniqueness in mind, Rohan Mithila has come into existence. Here, is a convergence

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Rohan Sehere-II

Rohan Sehere-II 0 Updated

🕔11:26, 29.Jan 2015

Rohan Sehere-II by Rohan Builders Luxury has changed in its meaning over the years, it is no longer just about owning an expensive car; it’s about driving freely, on an open road. It’s not about living in a mansion; it’s

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Rohan Kritika

Rohan Kritika 0 Updated

🕔16:20, 28.Jan 2015

Rohan Kritika by Rohan Builders When artistic intent is combined with uniqueness, the result is a product that is groundbreaking. Rohan Kritika is groundbreaking. Rohan Kritika is a powerful blend of state-of-the-art amenities, innovative features and architectural detail. Together, they

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Rohan Leher – II

Rohan Leher – II 0 Updated

🕔17:20, 27.Jan 2015

Rohan Leher – II by Rohan Builders Leher literally means a gust of wind. The central idea behind Rohan Leher – II is open spaces, wind and even more wind. This stunning masterpiece is spread over 3.5 acres. It has

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Rohan Abhilasha

Rohan Abhilasha 0 Updated

🕔15:39, 27.Jan 2015

Rohan Abhilasha by Rohan Builders Spread across 30 acres of good living, you will see how our Architects, Landscape Artists & Engineers join hands to give you a home that exceeds your expectations. Rohan Abhilasha invites you to a world

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