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Tag "DSK Group"

DSK Sadaphuli

DSK Sadaphuli 0

🕔13:54, 6.Feb 2015

DSK Sadaphuli by DSK Group                                       D. S. Kulkarni Developers Ltd. has launched DSK Sadaphuli in Talegaon. Surrounded by greenery, nature blossoms in

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DSK Kunjaban

DSK Kunjaban 0

🕔17:59, 5.Feb 2015

DSK Kunjaban by DSK Group                                       DSK Kunjaban is a luxury apartment project by DSK Group.DSK Kunjaban comprises 1 BHK and 2 BHK

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DSK Gandhakosh

DSK Gandhakosh 0

🕔16:14, 5.Feb 2015

DSK Gandhakosh by DSK Group                                       DSK Gandhakosh, a premium residential project of 12 storied elegant towers offers 1, 2 & 3 BHK

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DSK Sayantara

DSK Sayantara 0 Updated

🕔12:41, 5.Feb 2015

DSK Sayantara by DSK Group                                       DSK Sayantara is a Bungalow Plots project by DSK Group. This property is located at Sinhagad road,

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DSK Nandanvan

DSK Nandanvan 0 Updated

🕔17:52, 4.Feb 2015

DSK Nandanvan by DSK Group                                       Nandanvan means a place to rejoice and a place that offers living, bliss, serenity and harmony. DSK

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DSK Meghamalhar Phase 2

DSK Meghamalhar Phase 2 0 Updated

🕔16:01, 4.Feb 2015

DSK Meghamalhar Phase 2 by DSK Group                                       DSK Meghmalhar Phase 2, DSK Meghmalhar has come back, with a bang after its successful

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DSK Aanandghan

DSK Aanandghan 0 Updated

🕔13:03, 4.Feb 2015

DSK Aanandghan by DSK Group                                       DSK Aanandghan comprises of Premium 1 and 2 BHK Blissful Homes, where life showers beautiful colors.Located at

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DSK Dream City

DSK Dream City 0 Updated

🕔17:55, 3.Feb 2015

DSK Dream City by DSK Group                                       DSK Dream City is laxury apartment project by DSK Group. DSK Dream City Waterfall Residences overlook some

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DSK Garden Enclave

DSK Garden Enclave 0

🕔15:43, 3.Feb 2015

DSK Garden Enclave by DSK Group                                       DSK Garden Enclave, a perfect blend of ingenious planning, reverence to Mother Nature and attention to

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DSK Mayurban

DSK Mayurban 0

🕔17:51, 31.Jan 2015

DSK Mayurban by DSK Group                                       DSK Mayurban is a apartment project by DSK Group. Mayurban means a place deep into the thick

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