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Old Airport Road

Rohan Jharoka Phase 2

Rohan Jharoka Phase 2 1 Updated

🕔16:40, 10.Dec 2014

Rohan Jharoka Phase 2  by Rohan Housing Pvt Ltd                                 Rohan Jharoka Phase 2 is a new upcoming project by Rohan Housing Ltd which is located at Old

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Sobha Palladian

Sobha Palladian 1 Updated

🕔16:56, 9.Sep 2014

Sobha Palladian by Sobha Developers Sobha Developers Prelaunching the project by the name Sobha PALLADIAN” (HAL Project) on Old Airport Road, Near Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore. This time, Bangalore is going to witness PALLADIAN ARCHITECTURE – an European style of

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Prestige Leela Residences

Prestige Leela Residences 0 Updated

🕔16:53, 19.Jul 2014

Prestige Leela Residences by Prestige Group                 Prestige Leela Residences as the name suggest is the prelaunch from the novel builders Prestige Group. Resided besides the well known Hotel Leela Palace in Old

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LGCL Luminaire

LGCL Luminaire 1 Updated

🕔11:07, 21.May 2014

 LGCL Luminaire by LGCL                                                   LGCL Luminaire is a 4-acre enclave, inspired by the Palm Villas

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Embassy Grove

Embassy Grove 0 Updated

🕔16:53, 14.May 2014

Embassy Grove  by Embassy Group                       Embassy Grove is a residential Under Construction villa project by Embassy Group. Located on a 7.93 acre property off Old Airport Road, East Bangalore. Embassy Grove

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