The Greens

The Greens

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  • Indya Estates
  • Electronic City
  • Total land area 30 Acres
  • 2,500 Units
  • Starting from 11 Lakhs
  • Rate per sft Rs. 2575
  • Built up area 615 sft to 1245 sft
  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
  • Approval Authority BMRDA
  • Approvals Bank all Major Banks

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The Greens
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The Greens  by Indya Estates                           

Indya Estates is offering you a new 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK Apartments for sale. The project name is, The Greens . The Greens is located at Attibele –Anekal Road which is close to Electronic City which belongs to South Bangalore.The Green  spreads across 30 Acres and consist of 2300 Apartments whose size ranges from 615 sft to 1245 sft. It is just a 15 minute drive from the Electronic City and well connected to the City via the elevated expressway & also via NICE Corridor. The flats are a fusion of versatile design engineering and thoughtful planning and will be an exclusive privilege for the members of the corporate echelon who value perfection above everything else.

The Greens  Location and Distances:

Location Map
  • Nearest Bus Station Anekal Railway Station
  • Nearest Metro Station Electronic City Phase I
  • IT Hub  Electronic city
  • MG Road  34.5 Kms
  • Bangalore International Airport 69.3 Kms

The Greens  Floor Plans:

Master Plan
Unit TypeArea in SftRate per SftPrice
1BHK423Rs. 2575Rs. 10,89,225
2BHK615Rs. 2575Rs. 15,83,625
2BHK630Rs. 2575Rs. 16,22,250
2BHK695Rs. 2575Rs. 17,89,625
2BHK750Rs. 2575Rs. 19,31,250
2BHK800Rs. 2575Rs. 20,60,000
2BHK825Rs. 2575Rs. 21,24,375
2BHK890Rs. 2575Rs. 22,91,750
2BHK950Rs. 2575Rs. 24,46,250
3BHK1118Rs. 2575Rs. 28,71,125
3BHK1202Rs. 2575Rs. 30,95,150
3BHK1245Rs. 2575Rs. 32,05,875
* Below prices are Excluding Car Park + Registration and Other charges.
Booking Amount 2 BHK : 3 Lakhs
3 BHK + Study :3 Lakhs

The Greens   Amenities:

Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Skating rink, Swimming pool, Rock climbing,Shopping centre, Amphi theatre, Aromatic parks, Club House with Library.

The Greens  Neighborhoods:

About the Builders:

Indya Estates is a young, dynamic realty group with a rich experience in developing residential and commercial properties. The unequivocal vision of the group is to provide affordable homes with a luxuriant lifestyle to everyone in India.

Indya Estates is a fast-growing realty group that maintains high standards and aspires to gain a strong foothold in the realty sector.

Managed by qualified professionals with an expertise in the field of construction and real estate, Indya Estates believes in absolute customer satisfaction. With this aim, Indya Estates wants to set benchmarks by providing homes that reflect quality construction, modern designs and world-class architecture.

Home Buyers Team
By Home Buyers Team November 13, 2014 16:01 Updated
  • Bhaskar Datta

    Our new home at The greens has amazing facilities and services, every day will be a relaxing holiday for all of us with great range of sports to play from to relaxing conversation over coffee all under one roof at such an affordable price. What more could we ask for? Great job Indya Estate you make peoples dreams come true

  • Manik Krishnamoorthy

    I am young boy and after work I want to live in nice quiet house where I can relax and have good sleep before next day of long work and start my day with meditating and a good swim thanks to Indya estates the greens give me not just what I need but also a lot more that is perfect for my budget. Best part I don’t even have to travel a long distance to go to work.

  • Diya Malik

    When I made call to Indya Estates I could not believe my ears. Such nice people talked and such politely they spoke to me. They give to me all details, all the facts about flat that I was asking. I made appointment to go and visit to the greens and see property and talk to staff . normally I don’t make decision so soon but now because of talking to nice people I want to see the property. I am hoping that now I will finalise on flat and live in the greens

  • Neelam Kumari

    When I was reading about the indya estates I also saw their blog. It was very detailed and lots of info was there. all builders should have a blog like this. It shows that they are very dedicated company and have a lot of things to show to the people interested to buy and rent. This is very good, well done indya estates, the greens

  • Kiara Mehra

    I am glad I found a place to move into that has Open Lawns. I have three Great Danes and they are very, very friendly dogs. They are not dangerous at all. When I move into the Greens I will finally be able to take them into the Open Lawns and play with them and make them exercise. They are like my children so their welfare is most important to me.

  • Anurag Kashyap

    My family is moving back to Bengaluru so while searching for places to move into, I found The Greens. It seems like a really nice residential building. We are a family of 6 so a 3 bhk will be perfect. I spoke to the staff and they seemed very kind and professional. It seems like the kind of place my family would also like.

  • Mitali Behra

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}- I am going to start working in electronic city soon and I was looking at flats that I could rent there. The Greens looks really nice and like a place that I call my family to when they come to visit me. My mother likes to play badminton and my father loves swimming. They will really like my new place when I finally move in

  • Gautam Bora

    By the time I get home it is 11 o clock. And that is on a good day. I am sick and tired of Bangalore traffic and doing the distance from Shanti Nagar to Electronic City every day. I found the Greens and I can’t wait to move in. I will be the happiest person ever. I will never have to do that distance again.

  • Madhu Roy

    My grandparents are very old and I want them to live a peaceful happy life. Somehow that is not happening even after living in a nice city like Bengaluru. I work in Electronic City but they live in Indiranagar. I want them to move in with me so I am going to be taking a bigger better place in The Greens – Indya Estates soon. They will be happy living in a calm quiet area with lots of amenities. They can go walking in the evening, they can meet people, they don’t have to worry about the dust, nothing. I am happy that The Greens is in E City now, it will really benefit my grandparents

  • Ayush Khan

    Dancing is my hobby. When my wife goes to work, I hold classes on my roof for my students. Now that she is planning on moving to The Greens because of her job, it will also be benefiting me because of the amphitheatre there. I can take all my classes there and expand the sizes of my classes as well.

  • Vijay Jaiswal

    I am a mother of 3 kids and their school is all the way near Electronic City. I get so worried for them
    when they travel every day. The distance is too far for them and I keep worrying about them while they
    are going to school and coming back. Now that The Greens is coming up near Electronic City, I am
    happy there is finally an affordable and beautiful place I can move into. The stress of travelling also
    will be less for them.

  • Bilwa Roy

    Living a healthy lifestyle has always been high on my agenda. I am a mother, a dancer and a health activist. Coming across The Greens website really made me happy. Living there would be ideal for my family and I

  • Mohit Kumar

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placementMy pets are the most important to me. They have lived with me for 13 years now and are more than my family. I don’t like leaving them alone when I go for work. Since my new job is now 19 kms away, it is going to take me a long time to reach home. But I trust The Greens. It seems like a nice apartment building where my dogs can be happy all day, safe and secure too.

  • Pranav Barel

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}My work hours are really long at times. I work up to 15 hours sometimes and it can get extremely tiring for me. Seeing how well The Greens are coming up, I can see myself living there, coming back to a pool, relaxing, going for early morning runs on weekends etc. It will really help me balance out my work life, I will not feel so tired and pressurized all the time. It will help me keep a balanced state of mind as well.

  • Akram Pasha

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:saBeing a designer, I am easily inspired by music, lights and most importantly my surroundings. Working at home comes easy to me rather than office so it’s imperative that where I live is neat, clean, easily decorate-able and far away from the city. I look forward to buying an apartment in The Greens. I know it will enhance my work life and make me generally happy as well.

  • Afzal Siddqui

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-Moving into the city was always a bad decision my husband made, I hated living in the hustle – bustle of the city. When he told me he’s going to be moving to the outskirts I was really happy. Moving near to Electronic City will help me to sleep better now and be peaceful!

  • Prameer Goda

    <!–td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-The Greens is very beautiful. For my parents to move in to a clean, respected environment it is very important for me. I need to know that they’re safe and happy. I will be visiting them on weekends but they need to move out of the house they are living in right now and move into a house that makes them happy. They also need a lot of space so I feel The Greens is the perfect place for them.